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Our Services

Our main objective is to anticipate, meet and exceed our client's needs during a potentially stressful period, which might be the result of downsizing, the blending of households, or an estate sale. In order to sell the contents of your home from your home, we will:


Sort, organize, stage


Research, appraise, consult


Websites, social media, newspaper, customized signage


Sell contents and clear the house

As specialists in conducting content, estate and demolition sales, our main objective is to anticipate and exceed our client's needs during a potentially challenging period, which might be the result of downsizing, the blending of households, or an estate sale. Items we have sold include: cars, boats, snow blowers, mink coats, diamond rings and other jewelry, all home furniture and appliances, art, books, clothes, dishes, exercise equipment, linens, musical instruments, antiques, collectibles, rare stamps and coins, tools, garden furniture and equipment, BBQ's, basement and garage items. In order to successfully and effectively sell the contents of your home from your home, we offer the following services:

Initial Free Consultation: to discuss details of the process, view your contents, discuss prices, establish a sale date.

Organization and Display of Furnishings: Approximately a week before the sale, the team of bonded Next Move professionals will come to your home to sort, organize, display, photograph and price all items for sale. If required, The Next Move will bring in clothing racks, locked jewelry display cases, display tables and table cloths to showcase your possessions.

Research, Appraise and Price: Through market research, dialogue with industry experts, and with your participation if you wish, a realistic market value is assigned to each item. Items are priced, photographed and prominently displayed on our website.

Promotion of Sale: The sale is promoted through the Internet and newspaper advertising. Digital photos of contents are displayed on our website and other on-line sites, and notifications are sent to our extensive e-mail list of potential buyers. We offer a 24 hour hotline promoting your sale and create signs with your address to use on the day of the sale.

Day of Sale: The sales are held on Saturday or Sunday and start at 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. depending on the community. Customized Next Move signs are strategically placed to direct traffic to the sale. The Next Move team arrives an hour prior to the sale, distributes numbered tickets to waiting customers, who are admitted in an orderly fashion by the doorman/security. Transparent Next Move bags are used for sold items.

After the Sale: At the end of the sale, the owner receives the proceeds from the sale of their possessions and in consultation with The Next Move determines what to do with any remaining items. The Next Move team arranges for deliveries of all sold items and removal of items not wanted by the owners. Sometimes owners wish to sell left over items at consignment shops or donate items to specific charities. The Next Move team arranges for these transactions and returns the next day to ensure all deliveries are made as scheduled and that the house is cleared of items. Now, the homeowners are ready for their Next Move.

How Do We Promote The Sale?

We conduct extensive advertising for your sale and frequently attract over five hundred people on the day of the sale. Our promotion includes:

  • Digital photographs of your contents on our web site
  • An e-mail to prospective buyers who have joined our large and growing mailing list. The e-mail announces the sale and directs buyers to our website.
  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Extensive signage on the day of the sale
  • A 24 hour hotline promoting your sale


I started THE NEXT MOVE in 1996 and we have been conducting content and estate sales in the Greater Toronto area since then. As a retired law and business teacher this was my opportunity to put into practice what I taught. During my teaching career, I was the head of a large business department, taught thousands of students, published 9 textbooks on law, entrepreneurship and business. I really enjoyed the teaching profession, but upon retirement I had an opportunity to change careers. THE NEXT MOVE is the culmination of my knowledge and experience.

Michael Liepner, Founder of THE NEXT MOVE

Please visit the media section on the website for more detailed information on our growth.

THE NEXT MOVE has grown over the years and today our team of twelve knowledgeable employees organize and conduct over 40 professionally run sales per year. Our clients are satisfied and as a result we have established an excellent reputation. We offer a complete range of services for anyone considering selling all or a significant part of their contents.

Please visit the testimonials section to see how we do.


There are many reasons!

  • We simplify your move.
  • We obtain competitive prices to maximize your financial return.
  • We offer transparency.
  • We customize marketing and promotion.
  • We stage the home to showcase items for best prices.
  • We dispose of all unwanted items after the sale.
  • We remove stress for the homeowner.
  • We provide personal customer service.
  • We are experts.
  • We take pride in our services.
  • We are insured and bonded.
  • We have a stellar reputation.

Our Strength

We conduct all sales in a cost effective manner and provide professional and optimal results. When necessary, we are assisted by experts in antiques, art, jewelry, coins, pianos, silver and books. With you and our network of specialists and clients, we obtain competitive prices for your possessions and provide you with a clear house for closing. We receive many referrals as well as repeat business from previous clients as testimony to our exceptional services. Please browse through our website, including the testimonials and media coverage You can email or call us at 416-234-2789 if we can be of further assistance. Clients frequently book weeks and months in advance, so it is important to contact us for a free consultation as soon as you realize you may need our services. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates and to interact directly with The Next Move:

Our Network

With you and our network of specialists, we obtain excellent prices for your possessions. When necessary, we are assisted by experts in antiques, art, china, silver, coins, books, vintage clothes, and jewelry.

What Do We Sell?

The sale may include all furniture, antiques, art, coins, electronics, sports, garden and fitness equipment, china, appliances, pianos, books, clothes, carpets, boats and cars. In fact, anything that you wish to sell, we can sell!