Specialists in Estate and Content Sales from Your Home

For Those Attending A Sale

  1. Can I return items that I purchased?

    No, all sales are final.

  2. When Do Purchased Items Have To Be Removed?

    This depends on the closing for the sale of the house. There may be a few days but the best scenario is as soon as possible.

  3. Does The Next Move Offer Delivery?

    We work with a number of moving companies and can assist you. You have the option of using your own moving company.

  4. Do You Accept Credit Cards?

    Unfortunately not. Cash, e-Transfer, or a personal cheque, with identification, is fine.

  5. What Can I Do If I Cannot Attend The Sale?

    To be fair, nothing is sold prior to the sale date. Please send someone on your behalf to the sale to make the purchase.

  6. What Time Should I Come To The Sale?

    Normally the sales commence at 8:00 a.m. and The Next Move team distributes numbered tickets at the door about a half hour prior to the opening of the sale.

  7. Is This An Auction?

    No. To be as advantageous as possible for you, everything is priced and available for sale on the sale date.

For Prospective Estate Sale Clients

  1. When Should You Contact The Next Move?

    Give as much notice as you can. Though we need approximately a week to organize your sale, clients frequently book us weeks and months in advance.

  2. What Does The Next Move Sell?

    Everything. Do not throw anything out. We have sold cars, boats, snowmobiles, pianos, jewelry, antiques, clothing, and all household, patio, garage and basement items. The Next Move has conducted many demolition sales if you are considering rebuilding.

  3. What Do You Need to do To Prepare For Your Sale?

    Nothing! Just organize or remove your personal belongings that are not for sale. The Next Move team does it all. We will unpack, empty cupboards and drawers, sort, stage and display your items to their best advantage. We will bring in clothes racks, tables, locked jewelry boxes and whatever else is required to showcase your items.

  4. Where Should I Leave Items To Be Sold?

    Exactly where they are. Do not unpack or pack them. Take the clothes you are keeping, and leave the rest in the closet. Select the books you wish to keep, leave the rest on the shelves. Take the dishes and linens, you are keeping, and leave the rest exactly where they are. The Next Move will sort through the drawers, closets, shelves to organize the unwanted items and stage them to maximize their appeal.

  5. What Happens To Items Not Sold At The End Of The Sale?

    The Next Move will organize to clear your house of all unwanted items. Options at your discretion include: keeping the items, donating items to charities, using a consignment store. The Next Move will facilitate this process for you.

  6. When Will The Client Receive Their Proceeds from the Sale?

    For security reasons this is at the client’s discretion.

  7. Does The Next Move Conduct Demolition Sales?

    Yes. We have organized content sales and then even organized a demolition sale for the owners.

  8. Does The Next Move Conduct Liquidation Sales For Retailers?

    Yes, we have experienced much success in liquidating retail establishments.

Still Have Questions?

If you have any questions that are not answered here, we encourage you to contact us.